Back Tourism and Hospitality The hospitality industry is a service sector where success is dependent on two key elements – customisation and personalisation. Hospitality organisations place huge emphasis in making their guests and visitors feel as comfortable as possible and the first step to achieving this is through effective communication. To optimise unlimited opportunities that

Back Technology Technology markets are highly competitive and are constantly evolving and innovating. New products and software applications are created every day. As technology permeates our daily life, the number of users is also on the rise. This calls for appropriate language translation that not only extensively covers different target markets, but is also highly

Back Government Government agencies and ministries contribute to our growing pool of clients. We are proud to be their preferred service provider as our partnership symbolises their trust in our professionalism and expertise. Official documents and matters concerning government bodies offer tremendous scope for multilingual translation and interpretation. For instance, our language experts ensure that

Back Automotive In the competitive automotive industry, it is important for automotive manufacturers to generate new ways to increase revenue and execute cost-effective ways that are geared towards reducing overhead costs. At Scribers, we help you reach out efficiently to both your pool of multicultural workforce as well as target audience through language localisation process.

Back Healthcare Countries like Singapore are fast becoming leading destinations for medical tourism, offering world-class, affordable and safe healthcare. In this industry, healthcare companies and medical insurance agencies are required to manage confidential patient data that is mandatory under regulatory requirements. The healthcare data that is managed by them include but is not limited to

Back Public Relations Good public relations is critical in providing key information about your company, products and services to the media and public. Hence, information provided has to be consistent, particularly when a company aims to employ various languages. Effective content localisation materials add value to your company’s public image by spreading and enhancing awareness

Back Legal In the legal realm, it is extremely crucial for every legal clause – an integral part of legal documents, to be translated with the highest level of accuracy. Law is a detail-oriented subject which does not have room for erroneous terminology or expression. The inventory of legal documentation that needs exact and efficient

Back Manufacturing As manufacturers move further beyond their shores to establish production plants and production units, they need to strategise business opportunities in order to gain as much market share as possible. Faced with a new business environment, manufacturers have two tasks in mind – they have to indicate that their products are in accordance