E-learning Localization

E-Learning localisation has gained tremendous importance due to companies expanding their operations in today’s globalised business setting. This localisation process has enticed companies to train their employees in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) technology via their local languages. Companies invest heavily on e-learning modules as part of their employee training methodologies. Scribers support such business initiatives with an assortment of e-learning programmes:

• Computer-based Learning
• Web-based Learning
• Video-based Learning
• Game mode Learning
• Narrative-based Learning
Users of any E-learning module should be able to interact comfortably with the course content. Our coherent course content enables users to immerse themselves in the learning journey of the E-learning course. Our adroit and experienced team of experts provides excellent E-learning localisation services to our clients. Before launching the E-learning course in the target market, our team scrutinises every aspect of the E-learning course before giving the go-ahead.

Document Translation Workflow

With a focus on extending only the finest customer experience to all our clients, Scribers offers the same level of service across the board in the following procedure:
At Scribers, we do not believe in the mere goal of finishing the race. We take pride in overseeing all aspects of the project because of the uniqueness and complexity of each project. In other words, the translated text and translation style vary with the nature of the project and its intended target audience.

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