Software Localization

Software localisation is an extremely critical and delicate procedure that involves contextualising and customising a software product to meet all the linguistic, cultural, technical and demographical requirements of the intended target market. Users stemming from diverse language backgrounds can now interact comfortably with the software.

We are proud to announce that we have completed several software localisation projects with a 100% success rate. We are grateful to our team of software developers and translators who have been extremely dedicated in delivering user-friendly products for our target audiences. Our team does not settle for less even within in a tight timeframe – high standards of the software localisation process are maintained.

Document Translation Workflow

With a focus on extending only the finest customer experience to all our clients, Scribers offers the same level of service across the board.
At Scribers, we do not believe in the mere goal of finishing the race. We take pride in overseeing all aspects of the project because of the uniqueness and complexity of each project. In other words, the translated text and translation style vary with the nature of the project and its intended target audience.

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